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​Solta Medical - Thermage Eye Training 


Solta Medical is a global leader in the medical aesthetics market. Delivering sophisticated technology in simple, elegant designs, providing true aesthetic and therapeutic benefits. The Solta Medical portfolio includes the well-known brands such as Thermage®, Fraxel®, Clear + Brilliant®, and VASERlipo®, which collectively make up a comprehensive platform to address a range of aesthetic skin and body issues.

Thermage by Solta Medical is a non-invasive treatment that addresses the visible signs of aging in minutes. Using radiofrequency technology, Thermage can smooth, tighten and contour skin. It can be completed in a single 30-90 minute appointment, creating lasting results with little to no downtime. Thermage can also be used on multiple areas like the face, body, and, as seen below, the eyes.

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